Ine Tresoor lives and works in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. As a child she was often engaged in
drawing and painting.
When she was attending the Detailhandelsschool, Ine was introduced to various illustrationtechniques. In 1986 she attended several courses at the C.K.E. including oil painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics. But airbrushing still gave her the most satisfaction, in spite of the very time-consuming technique.
Since 2004, with the purchase of a computer, Ine Tresoor is also focussing now on digital technologies.
Several paintings are kept in private-collections and businesscollections. Also you can find her work in the lend-
outcollections of "B.A.S.", Raamsdonksveer and of "Kunstenaar en Konsument", 's Hertogenbosch.

A number of the airbrush works and digital designs is used by greeting card publishers.

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